• The true Church is the people of God, not religion.

  • The Holy Way is a path of contemplation, action, spiritual growth and reflection.

  • The Holy Way is present and eternal

  • The Holy Way

    is love in action

Holy Way

The Holy Way is the path to the Trinity and through the Trinity.
Our mission
To share
All who suffer are held in the power and love of Christ, that pours out from the Cross. Christ on the Cross reaches out to you, to everybody, to every single pain, on every single level and offers it love, healing, forgiveness, redemption. That has been our learning, forged in the fire of unspeakable suffering over two decades, as sufferer and carer. We aim to share that learning, here, through the Holy Way.

This website is built around three sections, which mean a great deal to us : The Heart of Love, The Holy Way and Expression, or service. We are continually adding to the site, which is evolving. Our latest writings are listed below. We seek to encourage interactivity. Please do visit all three sections for further explanation and in-depth reading. Please feel free to comment upon our postings.