This website is about living consciously in the Holy Trinity, choosing a spiritual path, that we call The Holyway.

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For David

A song to a dear friend, truly he was a man of God.


Here I talk about "vocation" in its deepest sense, that of seeing need and choosing to respond to it.

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A page of video reflections on Caring Gently

New Article, as published in the Faith Companion, September 2023

A deep spiritual journey into suffering and Divine Love.

Tragically, our beautiful planet is facing a future of mass extinction, if we do not act now.


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The Heart Of Love

The Heart of Love is at the very centre of all we do


Join us in prayer today, in the Mercy of God with us


Be lifted into the joy and tender love of God


Enter with us into the Mystery of Love and find new meaning in your relationship with The Trinity


Join with us in praise and prayer through music and song.


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Spiritual Courses

Join us on our spiritual journey through Lent


Inspired by everyday experience, touched by God

Bereavement Page

Finding words that might help people face death, whether it is our own or someone else’s death, can mean so much.

Love Unbound

A deep spiritual journey into suffering and Divine Love.

Sacred Selves
Sacred Earth

The Heart of Love is not just about us and God but about everything held in God too

Carer Thoughts

A page of reflections on Caring Gently.

Our Story

The Holy Way

Out of great suffering..

the Holy Way was revealed to us as a pathway immersed in the Love of the Trinity.

What is the Holyway?

The Holy Way
Spiritual Path

The Holyway is the spiritual path that we chose to enter into, more and more fully, throughout our lives. As we awaken to the awareness of the Trinity, we can then decide to seek, find and immerse ourselves more fully in their love. We can develop relationship with each, yet each points to the others, thus we come to know them all and find ourselves enwrapped in their oneness in all aspects of our lives.

 Heart of Love
Love of The Trinity

The Heart of Love is the total combined love of the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. Each person of the Trinity is one with the other, thus they are inseparable and united. Their love fills all of time and space and beyond time and space. Miraculously we too are part of that oneness, because we are held in the Heart of their Love. Following the Holyway, we immerse ourselves in this Heart of Love.

Our Unique Gifts

Expression of our love of the Trinity may take many forms. Each will have their own unique and precious gift of expression which ultimately burns inside of them and demands release. Some write poetry, create music, design, sculpt. There is no one right way, but many, inspired ultimately by love and a deepening connection to God. ‘By their fruits you shall know them’, as they tread the Holy way.


May the Holy Trinity bless you
May Their Light guide you
May Their Healing Power restore you
May Their Love renew you.

The meaning of Holyway

The Holy Way is a path of love that is filled with the wonder of the Holy Trinity, who together, form the awesome Heart of Love. There is no greater Love.

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A deep spiritual journey into suffering and Divine Love.

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