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There is no set way of blessing. Bless who or what comes to mind. Feel the blessing flowing through you. Be lifted into the Heart of Love as you bless others. Find your own renewal in blessing others and find a greater appreciation of the connectedness of all.


A short book of blessings to inspire, comfort, uplift.

What Is A Blessing ?

A Blessing For All Dogs

What is a Blessing?

....if not an unimagined gift, something new, vibrant, alive, special, bringing hope, comfort, joy, strength: a renewing of the day by means of an unexpected moment of goodness that can lift and transfigure your life, change perception, bring new clarity, help to see a different view, give strength of purpose, shine light in a dark tunnel, receive an unexpected present, accept a kind word rightly timed, be touched by a miracle of healing, find a saving from distress, gain help in the bearing of intractable pain. 

A blessing has myriad forms and is perfect for the receiver, each individual has their own special need and we can trust that any blessing given by God will be just right for that person, in that moment, in that way.

What I have discovered

about blessings is that they lift your heart, they lift your spirits, they make you feel good, they rise above forgiveness, for you can bless everybody, including people who have hurt you and it just changes the energy of everything.

There are so many things you can bless so that the whole energy of your environment and where you are and wider than that, the whole world, can blessed and that energy is real.
It is the essence of light going in and lifting, transfiguring and transforming the moment, bringing hope, bounty, truth, goodness, healing and joy; that is what I have discovered about blessing.

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A Long Blessing

To start a long blessing, take a look around and bless what you see, immediately in front of you....

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