What Is A Blessing?

Blessings lift your heart, they lift your spirits, they make you feel good, they rise above forgiveness, for you can bless everybody, including people who have hurt you and it changes the energy of everything. There are so many things you can bless so that the whole energy of your environment and where you are and wider than that, the whole world, can be blessed and that energy is real.

It is the essence of light going in and lifting, transfiguring and transforming the moment, bringing hope, bounty, truth, goodness, healing and joy.

When you bless, bless in the name of Jesus. Let His energy be in you, so your energy is transformed, transfigured, made strong and new.

That blessing goes out and touches all the energy and everything you think of, speak of, everything you bless is blessed with God’s love, which flows for ever from the Heart of Love.”