A Long Blessing

To start a long blessing, take a look around and bless what you see, immediately in front of you.

If you are inside, bless the room, bless any animal or person in the room with you.

Think about the people who have lived there before you or visited or passed through or passed by in car or plane or on bicycle or foot. Bless each one.

Bless not only the room but the house and its foundations, its roof, its floors,bless the builders who built it, bless all the energy around you; the air, the sky, the fields, the other houses, then expand your awareness outwards and bless the neighbours, the people who pass by.

Bless the people in need, the wounded, the hurting, the injured, the sick, the angry, the affronted, the lost, the ignorant.

Bless all people whose lives have been stolen from them, through illness, through relationship difficulties, through poverty.

Bless the perpetrators of harm, not because they deserve it, but because they need it. Bless your enemies, bless the wrong as well as the good, so that all can be lifted into the Heart of love and feel the Love, the Light, the Mercy therein, touch them, change their energy, lift them, restore right balance.

Bless the gardens, the earth, nature, the creatures that live in your space, the birds that come to your garden or fly over your home, expanding your view till it incorporates your village or town, your county, your country, the whole world.

Bless the moon, the planets and the stars. Bless time and space itself.

There is no set way of blessing. Bless who or what comes to mind. Feel the blessing flowing through you. Be lifted into the Heart of Love as you bless others. Find your own renewal in blessing others and find a greater appreciation of the connectedness of all.

Bless the paths that led us here

Bless the fields that surround our dwelling

Bless the birds that live nearby

Bless the sky that brightens the day

Bless the air that brings us life

Bless the animals that move unseen

Bless the people past, present, future who have entered here

Bless the hurts in this place that lay unhealed

Bless the relationships that have dwelled here touching this space

Bless the fences and the barriers that keep things in and keep things out

Bless the buildings that define this skyline

Bless the brickwork that supports each home

Bless the workmen and women who laboured

Bless the families who have been here

Bless the children who have laughed and cried here

Bless the unborn, those who died unexpectedly

Bless those yet to come

Bless the ground - the holy sacred ground

Bless the hymns sung here echoing a blessing

Bless all hurt may it find healing

Bless the trees that flow with life

Bless the plants that feed us

Bless the weeds that struggle to survive

Bless the grass - each blade - so precious

Bless the shrubs that offer shelter

Bless the bamboo that waves majestically in the wind

Bless the roots that entwine and sustain below ground

Bless all that is beneath the ground

Bless the benches that offer rest

Bless the snowdrops that lift their shining flowers

Bless the light that illuminates all

Bless the night that brings rest and a new day

Bless the stars that twinkle

Bless the moon that lights the way

Bless the seasons that return anew

Bless the wind that carries pollen

Bless the boats that dance on the waves

Bless the dead whose lives were precious

Bless the living may they grow

Bless the food may it sustain us

Bless the water may it be clean and abundant

Bless the rivers may they continue to flow

Bless the sea may it be cleansed

Bless the rain, the clouds, the sun that bring life

Bless the memories of this place

Bless all forgotten things be honoured

Bless each breath drawn here bring us health

Bless the food we eat together or alone

Bless the coffees that bring uplifment

Bless the solitary bee that lives in the ground

Bless the homeless may they find comfort

Bless the churches may they be true

Bless the unloved may they find hope

Bless the forgotten may they be known

Bless the old may they find strength

Bless the neighbours may they be kind

Bless the chimneys may they work well

Bless the foundations may they be strong

Bless the land may it be viewed as sacred

Bless the crosses may they bring protection

Bless the rain wind may it bring joy

Bless the named may they sing their name aloud

Bless the unnamed may they be truly blessed

Bless the newborn may they find life kind

Bless the traveller may they be looked after

Bless the lost be found

Bless the gardener be inspired

Bless the bricks remain strong

Bless the roofs remain in tact

Bless the windows open widely

Bless the dogs may they be happy

Bless the pets may they be loved

Bless those who have been healed may they rejoice and spread the word

Bless those who have been helped may they give thanks

Bless those who need help may they receive it

Bless those in need may they find support

Bless those who hope may they be rewarded

Bless those who are helpless may they find a way through

Bless all who feel lost be restored

Bless the friends may they be true

Bless the strangers may they be friends in disguise.

Bless each precious moment,

may they each be filled

with love

and flow over

with its abundance.