The Heart of 

The Heart of Love

.... is the total combined love of the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. Each person of the Trinity is one with the other, thus they are inseparable and united.

Their love fills all of time and space and beyond time and space. Miraculously we too are part of that oneness, because we are held in the Heart of their Love. Following the Holyway, we immerse ourselves in the Heart of Love.

Help us to hear Your Word
To sing Your praise
To see Your face
To know Your voice.

Expanding on the Heart of Love

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The Heart of Love

The Heart of Love is a sanctuary that can, will and does hold us.....

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Embracing The Heart of Love

Each person will find their own unique relationship with God, by committing to their own Holy path. Some may focus more on the Father, others on the Son, still others may be drawn to receiving the gifts and Wisdom that the Holy Spirit brings......

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The Trinity

Each person of the Trinity is unique and has their own role and relationship with each other and also with us. Let us look at each person, individually, to gain a more clear understanding of who they are and how we can walk with them on our spiritual journey to and through the cross; how we can embrace the life of the Son, feel the love of the Father and ultimately receive the power of the Holy Spirit.....