Embracing the Heart of Love

Each person will find their own unique relationship with God, by committing to their own holy path. Some may focus more on the Father, others on the Son, still others may be drawn to receiving the gifts and Wisdom that the Holy Spirit brings. Yet in truth they are One and when we focus on this Trinitarian relationship and find the Heart of all Three working together as one and we find ourselves in this absolute point of love never ending, there is no greater power working with us, there is no greater love possible to come to our aid! And as we choose to enter into this divine relationship, so the fullness of love is expressed in us. We are inspired towards goodness and acts of kindness. We believe and hope in healing. We are enabled to open to our own unique creative being and it blossoms within us and touches the world, leaving blessings wherever it flows, wherever we flow, through the energy and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. New possibilities arise. New ways open up. New vision is granted on old intractable problems. Nothing is predictable. Everything is made new. Love can blossom in the direst of situations. Hope can be restored. Healing and miracles are real. New energy, new possibilities shine before us. We look at things differently. We grow in awareness. We develop compassion for ourselves and others. We find acceptance. We find blessings unimagined. And so we commit ourselves with confidence to a Holy Way that embraces and trusts in the Heart of Love at the centre of our lives and all around us. Ever loving, ever giving, ever helping, ever free, ever inspiring, full of mercy. Let it come to us. Amen
“We believe and hope in healing.”