The Heart of Love

The Heart of Love is the awesome Mighty Trinity, the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, Three in One, all work- ing together in Unison; it is the heart of absolute power, abso- lute love, absolute wisdom, absolute truth, absolute joy, from which all mercy flows throughout the Universe to reach us all, across time and space. No one is excluded from this relationship. No one is unable to open and receive this unconditional gift. Yet those most able to see, feel, know, experience the Spiritual reality of God are, perhaps, those from whom everything worldly is taken away from, leaving a stark landscape, from earthly view, yet one which is most likely to guide us by the straightest possible route to see clearly, feel truly and find absolutely; God, powerful, tender, true and ever present, tan- gibly real. It is He who sustains us. It is He who brings unimagined gifts. It is He who sees with a whole sight what is occurring and can bring new Light to bear, even in the bleakest of places. And when we come to a place of intolerable, intract- able suffering, the Heart of Love is a sanctuary that can, will and does hold us. It is the relationship of God in all splendour, tenderness, awareness, truth that reaches out to touch us; the energy, the spirit that fills, surrounds, lifts, enfolds us, knows no boundaries, is everywhere and freely available, touching our lives in mysterious unimagined ways, centred in goodness, hope and wonder. There is always a new possibility, within the Heart of Love - a potential to see things differently, to grow, to find renewal, understanding, acceptance, to embrace love in its purest form: to immerse ourselves within it.

Prayer to the Heart of Love

Take a moment to be still. Feel the energy of the Father who is Love, the Son who is Mercy, the Spirit who is Power. Feel them all with you. Now you are going to pray to the Heart of Love. I place myself and who/what I pray for, in the very centre of the Heart of Love. I pray to all three, Father Son and Holy Spirit to come to my aid. I state again my prayer. I trust it will be heard and answered. I place myself and.......... In the Heart of Love, where miracles happen and Joy is complete. I immerse myself in the wonder of Love! Wait then in hope and openness, knowing that God is with you and there is no greater love than the Love of the Holy Trinity. Wait expectantly. Feel the energy of love surrounding you. Feel all burdens, worries, needs being lifted and carried, transfigured and transformed as you hope and pray. Find peace and trust. Amen Give thanks to the Holy Trinity in whom you place your trust! Finish by praying the Our Father once more, knowing it is a powerful prayer of love and protection, of oneness and trust. Be safe, feel loved, trust and hope that you have been heard, seen and answered, Amen
“The Heart of Love is a sanctuary that can and will and does hold us.”