Finding The Holy Way, One Moment At A Time

There comes a point in some people’s lives when suffering becomes so great that

other people, despite their best efforts, cannot help them. This is the point at which

their relationship with God can expand and fill them with unexpected and

unimaginable graces. It may be hard to imagine, before you reach that point, how you

could possibly cope, survive or unbelievably, grow personally and spiritually, in such

circumstances. Yet this is indeed what has been demanded of us and revealed to us,

after 30 years of intolerable and interminable physical pain and suffering that goes

way beyond most normal experience or expectations of chronic illness.

Shut away by degrees till the outside world has become completely inaccessible and

any normal interaction an impossible deteriorative nightmare, we have learned to

seek solace in God. We have gained great insight into the suffering of the Cross and

the awesome Power of the Trinity, who are there revealed in splendour for those with

eyes to see and ears to hear. This total Love of the Trinity has been revealed to us as

The Heart of Love, for their is no greater Love available in the Universe. It is

everywhere to be sought and found. It is freely offered. It is waiting lovingly to be


We have relied heavily on the power of the Our Father, the prayer that flowed from

Jesus lips and teaches us about the Love of the Father. We believe there is no greater

source of spiritual protection than to pray this prayer, which has carried us through

every trial and brings hope and strength of safe passage through each challenge we

face in life. It has come to sing in our hearts.

Through endless pain, without relief and continual incapacity, a focus on prayer has

blessed us. Rather than feeling abandoned by God as suffering has consumed us, we

have been filled with the Spirit and have listened for God to guide us. This led us to

create our website Holyway, which is a reflection of the spiritual journey we

encounter with God.

Yes we struggle. We are human. We may doubt. We may cry our in despair, yet when

we have placed our hearts in trust in the Heart of Love, no matter how frightening

and desperate the path, God has strengthened and touched our lives and helped us

find a path through the seemingly impossible.

The website we have created concerns transformation and transfiguration. It does not

deny the harshness of suffering. Neither does it pretend that everything is wonderful

when you suffer in God. Neither would be true. Suffering is agony, intolerable

moments, desperate need and hopelessness. Yet where love resides hope too exists

and light can be found even if only a chink so tiny it can barely be seen.

We struggle and fall, yet we turn our gaze inwards and towards God. Blessings abound in this

place, we have found. God helps us endure. We find we can reach out to others in

need. Our hearts expand. Our prayer life deepens. Love is complete in a circle of faith

that ultimately encompasses us all.

We find our path a moment at a time.

Sometimes we feel stuck in a seemingly unendurable moment, yet with God we can persevere.

With God, light shines even in the bleakest place, despite the pain and more than that,

we find our path is sacred as we entwine ourselves in the Holy Trinity. We walk the

Holy Way.

As we grow, so the Holyway grows. It has been a journey, learning how to code,

constructing the website in order to share prayers, books, contemplative courses and

writings, poetry and music, to hopefully bless others, particularly those unable to

attend or who feel disenfranchised from church and community.

Recently we have added a free Prayer Book, “Prayers For Healing, Hope and

Miracles”, plus “Love Unbound”, a meditation on suffering and Divine Love, guided

by the writings of Saint John Paul 11, which we have also made available for free.

In the face of the ecological crisis  there is our passionate “Prayer To The Creator God”.

We update our Blog regularly.

The path of suffering is deep and vast. Each person has their own unique path to

follow. It can be frightening, deeply isolating and lonely. We hope that Holyway can

be a resource at such times.

In the absence of physical church is the fullness of God for those with faith who

suffer. When you can’t engage with others, you can fully engage with God

in a beautiful mystical union. Ultimately it is God who helps and saves us. May

we all be blessed.