Love Unbound

This is dedicated to all those who suffer and seek solace.

When intense physical, emotional, spiritual or mental suffering comes to you, you have a stark choice. Either you enter more deeply into the meaning of suffering, where you find Christ, not just as a theological idea or someone somewhere else, but living, alive with you more deeply than you could ever have imagined before this suffering came upon you; or you choose a path of fear and despair. This book opens up a pathway to help you more clearly see and understand the meaning and the possibilities open to you within your suffering.

A reading from “Love Unbound :”

Suffering sometimes is so great that the only way is through it, where there is no alternative other than to be in it. It is not the ‘why’ of suffering, so much as the ‘how’ of suffering that is illuminated here to deliver a path of hope.

Here, Linda introduces the book :

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