Sacred Selves

Sacred Earth

The Heart of Love is not just about us and God but about everything held in God too; every plant, every flower, every insect, every bird, every fish and mammal, every rock, every grain of sand, is also held in the Love and Power of the Trinity and is sacred too.

 So how can we develop a more sacred, prayerful awareness of our environment and everyone and everything in it?

We can flow from the truth of our faith, to aim to live a more congruent caring, care-filled life, centred in the Heart of Love, becoming aware of every interaction with the living world as well as focussing on our own sacred selves and others.

Noticing and growing in awareness is a first step, perhaps. Taking time to see what is before and around us..and  taking time to pray.


Never before has humanity had to face such a calling to alter its path. Many of the disasters

brought about by Climate Change have no precedent in living memory.

Join   us in this  prayerful contemplation upon Climate Change, the Prayer To The Creator God.