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Prayers For Those Who Are Dying

Prayers of comfort, hope and inspiration.

Prayers For Those Who Are Grieving

This is a time of strong emotion, complex reactions, total heartbreak and yet it is also a time to heal. .

A Path Forward With God

When we are hurting, God is with us. When we cry out He feels our pain. .

Prayers For Healing, Hope and Miracles

A free Prayer Book to download.

A Video Prayer

I Stand With My Back To The Cross

The most powerful tool that God can give us, is the power of prayer, for it is the way that we can connect truly and immediately with God. 

We can pray to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit or to the Trinity, the awesome Heart of Love. There are many prayers, both individual or for group worship, both formal and informal, spoken and silent. Some rely on the prayers and practices of others, others rely on their own direct connection and simply speak from their heart. No matter how you approach prayer, be confident and reassured: God hears them all.

What is so moving is the felt presence of God, when people pray in absolute trust and faith. Each word then glistens with the power of the Holy Spirit, new depth of insight, new visions of hope can be inspired.

When a person prays ardently and sincerely the Word of God shines out deepening its meaning, transcending the present moment, linking all in the hope beyond time that emanates from the truth of the Heart of Love.

The most wonderful, awesome presence of God links and unites all. Transformed in the silence, one single person praying in sincerity, touches the whole world. And nothing can be the same again.

We are reminded that all things are possible, nothing is set, there can be change, goodness, can, will and does flow.

When people pray together, linked by the Heart of Love, we can trust with all certainty that this day is blessed and a path of love has opened to the whole world.

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