New Prayers

Grace Fills Me

Grace fills me.

Light is within me.

I am peace

I am love

I am trust

I am patience

I am truth

I am calm

I am stillness

I am mercy.

Mercy flies to me

I am stilled with His peace.

May Peace

May peace flood my life

May peace flood my body

May peace flood my mind

May peace sparkle gently within me.

May peace flow out from me

And touch all those I love too.

May they know the peace of God with me

May they find comfort and hope.


A Prayer for Renewal of life

May the Lord touch you now,

With His healing power.

May the Lord, touch you now

With tender kindness.

May the Lord, touch you now

With His healing hands.

Touching all that is unhealed,

And broken.

May the Lord touch you now,

With His Perfect Love.

May He touch your mind

And restore you to fullness.

May the Lord, touch you now

With His abundant Mercy.

May He touch your limbs

And restore them to strength.

May He touch you now,

With His deepest compassion.

May He Touch your heart

And help you feel renewed.

May the Lord, touch you now

With His caring gaze.

May He touch your soul

And renew your life.

May the Lord, touch you now

With all His heart.

In Him do we trust to heal and save you.


When So Much Assails You

When so much assails you daily

And you feel the need of spiritual protection

May you know that

The Lord is with you and will provide it,

That His for you is everlasting,

That an angels guards you

And that all will somehow be well,

Even when it does not feel that way.


The Void of Impossibility

I am in the void of impossibility

Let it be a fertile void

Full of yet untapped possibility

Please don’t leave me here

Drowning in the empty nothingness

That feels like abandonment

And destruction

Let me reach out and find new hope

A way forward

Grounded in stillness

and love that heals

And blesses in a new

and unexpected way.


Show Me Who I Am

Lord, show me who I am

Show me my purpose

Lead me to love

Guide me through the chaos

To an oasis of goodness

Where hope abides

And love heals

And your light shines brightly

Giving me a new vision

Full of possibility.


I Pray For A Mind That Works

I pray for a mind that works

For a heart that feels

For eyes that can see

For a mouth that can speaks out

For a body that can move

And for the grace of Peace in the void

when none of these are possible.


When There Are No Words

Dear Lord

When there are no words to give comfort to ourselves

or each other

Bring us fully into awareness

Of the greatness of Your gift of love to us.

May we understand both the sacrifice

Your made upon the Cross

And the power of mercy that flows

ever from Your Heart,

Restoring all to life.


Urgent healing prayers:

May we always seek Beauty

May we always find it present

In tender moments.


Open Our Hearts

our hearts Lord to receive You totally

Open our minds to know you

Heal all hurts that we may feel safe again

Restore our spirits and remove all loss of faith and trust.

Banish all that harms us Lord

In the name of Jesus Christ

In the name of God our Father

In the name of the Holy Spirit!

A Prayer For Easter Monday

 Lord, lead us towards You

That we might find the truth of Your being

With us, 




Lead us into the very Heart of Love

And there fill us with Your deepest peace,

Not of this world,

Which can only be a grace from God,


A Prayer For Someone in Great Need of the Healing Power of God

Death is always close. When the need is great for the healing Power of God, we place our confidence in His Light and promises. We trust in Him, in His Love and Mercy in all situations.

Lord, come upon .............. and heal him/her now!

Lord, guide him/her with Your faithful Light!

Lord, comfort him/her in all he/she suffers!

Lord relieve the pain!

Lord save him/her from death and restore him/her 

to full health!

This we pray with total sincerity and absolute trust in You Lord. Amen

Praying for a Miracle

In lifting others up to the Love of God, all things feel possible - all love is given back. Prayer then is two-way; we too are blessed by our compassion and love for others. We too are held in His Grace, in that connection with Divine Love. In praying, we are touched by His Love. In holding others in His Love, we too are held. 

There is such love then and intimacy in prayer, which  is pure relationship with God. No wonder we are asked to ‘pray without ceasing’. For this is where miracles happen and joy is complete.

And so we ask for miracles, no matter how bleak things seem, in faith that we shall receive them in abundance.

We pray for healing


When we do not know exactly what to ask for or how to pray in a particular circumstance, we simply place all in the Heart of Love and trust in the outcome, held in Love. In this way we ensure that our prayer and those we pray for  are in the centre of the purest love: the Total Love of the Trinity.

Then we can know that any outcome will be held in the greatest Love imaginable.


A Prayer for Good Things

Lord we turn to You
And place our hearts
And minds in Your love.
We give thanks and praise
For all good things 
That You have given us.
May we always find beauty 
In each day. Amen


Hope defeats despair. Hope lifts us up into the Heart of Love. Hope lifts us up to God's realm where miracles happen and joy is complete. Hope helps us through the most difficult of moment.

Let us always live in Hope then, 
The Hope that God gives us 
Every moment of every day. Amen

When People We Know Die

 We have had had news of several dear friends dying in recent weeks. It is always a time of sadness, deep grief and personal reflection. Ultimately it is prayer that we hold on to and prayer that brings us comfort and new hope.

If you are grieving, may this prayer sustain you and bring you strength.

Lord may we find
every hope
in all
that You have 
that even in death
we shall still live
in You

What can I do

When all is taken from me,

Even hope?

I can wait.

I can trust.

I can remain open

To goodness

And a perfect way forward,

Within the darkness,

Set aside only for me,

That will ignite a tiny flicker of light

In my heart

And set me surely on a new path 



Sometimes prayer is words

Sometimes prayer is silence

Some times prayer is laughter

Sometimes prayer is song

Other times prayer is tears

Sometimes prayer is dancing

Sometimes prayer is gardening

Sometimes prayer is stillness

Other times prayer is doing the washing up

All times prayer is service

All times service is prayer in action

Always pain can be felt as prayer

Always compassion is prayer

Always life is prayer

Living itself in all aspects of life is prayer

Any action can be prayer

Any thought can be prayer

For we are all one in Spirit

And the Spirit is One in us!


May you endure in the most difficult of circumstances

May He hold you and steady you on your path

May you find strength in the Lord.

May He always protect you and keep you safe.

May you trust in His guidance

May He lead you in love

May you always find comfort and unexpected kindness

May He bless you in unthought of ways.

May there be a change of heart and mind in all who persecute you.

May His Wisdom rule in their hearts.



When you feel crushed and wounded by those who persecute you

May the Lord give you solace and strength.

When the way ahead is fraught with difficulty

May the Lord lead you safely on

When fear justifiably grips you

May you feel the love of the Lord sustaining you.

When pain is intolerable

May the Lord hold and comfort you.

When doubt overwhelms you

May new hope be born in you.


COVID 19 : A Prayer for Healing 

Holy Spirit, come upon and heal them now!

Guide them with Your faithful Light.

Comfort them in all they suffer.

Give them the strength they need right now.

Ease their breathing.

Lessen their pain.

Shield them and protect them.

Save them from the virus and restore them to full health.

This we pray with total sincerity and absolute trust in You Lord.


A Prayer for Anyone with Covid 19

Lord I ask You now

To heal,

I ask You to lay hands upon them

I ask You now to completely restore them

I ask You now to banish all that assails them

I ask You now to be with them as I pray

I ask You to restore them to full health.

I trust in the promises that You have made us.

I trust in the healing power of Your love.

I trust in You totally.

I ask You to absolutely heal, now.

I ask you to provide them with much needed strength.

I ask you to restore their breathing.

I place my trust in You.

Hold, now.

Heal, now.

Help them feel your loving touch, now.

Restore them absolutely, now,

By the power of the Holy Spirit.

With the love of the Father.

In the name of Jesus Christ.

I call upon the Trinity, now.

I ask in absolute faith that You hear me, now

And answer me totally.

May they be made well.