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Suffering sometimes is so great that the only way is through it.

This book, accessible for those who may struggle to read for long or who can only be read short passages to at a time, arises out of a deep experience of God's love, which held us through decades of physical illness and profound disability.

25 years of intense suffering and isolation have led us on a long journey into the Heart of Love, which we call the Holy Way; the way of the disenfranchised, the broken, the sick, the dying, the alienated.

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An illustrated collection of short meditations, prayers, contemplations and poems

“What a magnificent piece of work !!! I love the design of the book. It is easy for the eyes to look at and the bold letters, the space and length of passages makes it easy to read. It is a testimony of two people facing ongoing and never ending suffering together and thereby finding a deeper love that only few ever come to know. In the midst of deep heart lived pain, they shine the light and love of the Almighty One so bright and so clear.

Through their personal experience they share their horrible and beautiful testimony of how they have survived for decades living with unbearable suffering in all aspects of life and yet found not only courage and strength to go on, but also a deeper love and peace as they discovered the secret of entering into The Heart of Love.

It is life lived as painfully raw as it gets and love so tender and compassionate put together in the most breathtaking way. It is a masterpiece!”

Nini Lorup

“Oh miraculous, miraculous, oh Holy Heart of Love" I have turned the last page....I have been blessed every day, feeling privileged to share in this journey into the Heart of Love. This book has entwined itself around my heart, soul & mind, opening me to greater compassion, greater faith, greater patience, as I reflect on my role as carer & now, increasingly poorly myself, I look into my earthly future with chronic illness with a new understanding. Jesus - The Way, The Truth & The Life is with us - has walked the dusty road to the humiliation & agony of the Cross, bearing our unbearable burdens Himself. Thank you, Holy Way. xxx”


“To say that “Living in the Heart of Love” is about indescribable suffering would be accurate, but incomplete. It is about much more. So often, in life, we ask the crucial question “Why?” While there have been countless occasions on which this is the correct question, on others the more appropriate question is “How?” Rather than ask God, the Universe or loved ones “Why me?”, “Living in the Heart of Love” asks “How can I unite what I am enduring to the suffering of Christ?” or “How can I offer my pain, as did Christ, for those in desperate need?” This is why I sincerely believe, with every fibre of my heart, that when Linda or Greg pray for others that prayer is powerful indeed, because it imitates what Christ did. ”

David Coupar

Living in the Heart of Love

To take on a journey like this, three things are necessary: the ability to embrace uncertainty, the courage to hold on, the desire to grow – in other words, Faith, Hope and Love.