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Prayers and Reflections

Having lived in a state of severe intractable illness for decades, often feeling like death was near and also knowing too many friends and family members taken from the world, having suffered grievously with various different illnesses, we have always sought solace and strength in prayer.

We have never found anything, though, that had the right words for the situations that we found ourselves in, for it is a very difficult and sometimes too painful topic for many to deal with and each person’s experience and context is different and unique to them.

Finding words that might help people face death, whether it is our own or someone else’s death, can mean so much.

As each person, who we have known personally, has died, I have written a prayer or a poem, either to help support them on this last journey or to honour their precious life.

This is the time where the right words, tenderly offered, can give much needed love and support to someone dying or to family and friends left behind. They can shine light in the most bleakest place of death and bereavement and lead us on, held by God’s loving reassurances.

Each word here has been considered and touched with love. Each prayer a hoped blessing to anyone in great pain, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

We have found that there is a time to hope, pray and believe in miracles and healing and there is also a time to let go and accept the path opening up ahead, trusting in God’s goodness always ultimately to prevail in some mysterious way.

We hope to present a series of small booklets, in time, that offer prayers for both healing and dying.

This booklet, ‘Only Love’ is the first and we hope it will bring tenderness and words of comfort as people face death. This is a particularly poignant time to publish these prayers, given so many people have faced and are facing the threat of Covid 19 and the uncertainty of life as a consequence. Many people have sadly suffered terribly and died. The losses mount up.

We hold all in prayer and ask for comfort and wisdom, to know when and how to pray, whether in stillness and silence or out loud, either alone or with others.

Wishing all who read them comfort, peace and strength that can only come from God with us. Amen

Prayer Booklet

Only Love

Prayers for those that are dying.

Made with love by Greg Crowhurst