Holy Way Contemplation Page

Only by seeking God will we find Him.

Only by listening to His Word will we know Him.

Only by following Him will we find life.

What do we mean by Contemplation?

We mean to focus our attention on God with us and to immerse ourselves in the beautiful, uplifting Love of the Trinity. For this we need to allow ourselves time and a space in which to be still and focus innerly, so that we can find our awareness and connection with God. This will become easier over time as we develop the art of contemplation and meditation. By seeking knowledge and by asking God to help show us His meaning, Wisdom and Intent, we believe it will be revealed in some way. God answers us on different levels, depending on how we hear, see, feel, relate to Him.

Contemplation Podcasts

God answers us on different levels, depending on how we hear, see, feel, relate to Him. Sometimes, we may want to understand a passage in the Gospel or some situation we are in that does not make full sense or we may need a spiritual answer to a question we have been pondering.

Podcast 1

Here Linda outlines how Contemplation for her became an entering through her physical pain to try and find a peace, a stillness and understanding that was greater than her physical disability and severe physical suffering. Contemplating upon the Cross and Resurrection was a way for her to find hope and meaning beyond her crushing disability.

Podcast 2

Here Linda shares how Contemplation is a way to cope with extreme suffering, to find peace in a body that is in chaos. Contemplation, a place without words, is a contact with God in oneness, is a way to look with spiritual eyes and find peace and truth, beyond the physical reality.

The Meaning Of Suffering

Contemplation Book

In this little book we take a while to still our thoughts as we place ourselves in the Heart of Love, from where we find peace at the centre of our being.

May Mercy Find A Pathway To My Heart