The Holy Way
The Holy Way
The Holy Way is the path of love. It is different for each person. There is no specific path although there are pointers and guides to help us along the way, especially when we get lost or stuck. It is a life long journey into the Heart of Love where the Trinity is most powerfully found and seen in the world, working in oneness. The Father, the One and the Holy Spirit united in love and power. It is also the source of Mercy that flows and touches our lives and helps us to find and feel God with us.

Anything becomes possible.
Wherever you enter on the path, whether it is by praying to God or specifically praying to the Father, Son or Holy Spirit, you will be led to find each three and become immersed in the love that flows from their Heart. With love anything becomes possible. We see with new eyes, we hear with new ears, we feel with open heart. We find that as we discover a deeper relationship so healing within ourselves and our lives becomes possible, we find that we can act and do things previously unthought if, we are given spiritual gifts to aid us, we are given strength to cope with what seems unhealable or unbearable.

Jesus says seek and you shall find. There are no truer words for God love us and wants us to know Him, he wants us to live fully in love and be healed, be loving, be love in a broken world, such that it will heal too.


Guide us oh Lord
Lead us to the Holy Way
Lift us into the Heart of Love
That we may there serve and grow daily
Lit by Your pure and precious light.

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