On the edge
Holy Way means for us, the place to seek and find God. There are many different experiences and paths to know God, yet God is always here, present, with you, waiting for you to seek deeper communion, knowledge, relationship.

The Heart of Love was revealed to Linda,to be the Awesome and Mighty Holy Trinity, who, being in oneness, are inseparable. The Heart of Love is the absolute totality of love possible, encompassing the known and unknown world and exists both within and without time and space, utterly beyond our comprehension in the fullness of its capacity to love.

For it is the love of the Father, the love of the Son and the love of the Holy Spirit, engaged in a pure and total relationship with themselves and all they hold, namely the whole universe, the world and incredibly, amazingly, us, within it. This totality of love is where we place our hope, our hearts, our trust and our own small acts of love.

Guide us in prayer
Lead us in love
Fill us with hope
Bless us with peace