Prayer, the Light of life

When we talk of  Light, what do we mean? Why, we mean the inner light,

the light of life that is Christ the light, the son of the living God with us,

whose spiritual energy radiates the purest light into the world and brings

us to life.

      Once touched, you feel lighter in your heart, your burdens are

somehow lighter or removed altogether, your vision is clearer, light burns

within you too as you are lifted up by the presence and light of Christ.

   As you feel this light living in you, so you are drawn to prayer and praise,

to authentic life in Christ. You enter more fully into communion with God

and your light shines brighter in the world. New things are possible. New

pathways open up. Hope is lit in your heart. You become alive too with the

light of life which burns brighter in you and cannot be extinguished.


A Short Book of Prayers

The prayer of others

 - how essential it is to recognise the

prayer of others is, especially in times of

great need