Where the Physical and Spiritual World Meet


ONLY THOSE WHO SUFFER vast and complete totality of poverty can begin to understand the true mystery and meaning of God’s saving Grace: His Passion and care for the world. God begins to shine in a new way for you, bringing light in the darkness, bringing wisdom to the incomprehensible, bringing hope to the impossible.

Bringing a way, when no way is visible. This is where you find the meaning that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and this place becomes alive with the presence of God. For this is true poverty, where my wife and I live.

On the edge of society, on the edge of heath care provision, on the edge of surviving.

Exploring deeply this seemingly dreadful place, we discover the meaning of suffering and we find Christ’s passion before us and with us and in us. Here is where Mercy is most true, most understood, most visible, most clear. This is where the physical world and the spiritual world meet. This is the meaning of the Passion.

Only God can fill each poverty for only God cares enough to lift the sufferer and carer into the Divine Power of Mercy and keep their love and lives alight where all else fails them.