What does it mean “to be saved ?”


To be saved is to be found in the deepest, most hidden parts of yourself. It is to be loved, purely, simply and totally for who you are : all of you, no matter how tiny you feel, how small, how wounded, how hurt, how bad, how lost and empty you might feel inside yourself.

 You are loved and filled and comforted and healed by the total compassionate, wonderful, tender, ever-giving Lord Jesus and his Father and the Spirit. For you cannot separate them, any more than you can separate yourself from the purity and truth of God’s live for you.

 Being saved does not necessarily mean that you will feel beautiful, good and joyful in every moment, because we are wounded by the world and by each other. But it does mean that all these are possible in any moment, if we can only open to the truth of the saving love of God.

God knows our suffering because he has experienced and held all suffering; he has entered fully and more, into the depths of anguish, despair and torture of the human soul. He has held it and his Father has held it, because his Father held him and loved us, held us, in him and by him and saved us all and brought us with him to heaven.

He has opened up a pathway of love and possibility. He has opened up a way to be ever-present with the sparkling God of Light and all things good. He has made it possible for us to live here and now and to live beyond our death, because of love, because of a love so pure, so true, so vast, eternal, unimaginable in its purity and totality; a totality that never ends and is therefore unquantifiable, in which all is held and made well, renewed, redeemed and absolutely saved.

This is the gift given on the Cross that we can speak of, with absolute certainty. This is the joy of Christmas. This is the healing of Easter. This is the power of Pentecost. This is the wonder of God’s love for us; that he came to save us and he did just that.

 It is the lost-ness of souls that Jesus came to save, it is the fractured-ness of being that Jesus came to mend, it is the wounded-ness of the world that Jesus came to make right.

 It is the truth that he came to reveal; that truth is the truth that we have to seek and open our whole selves to. It is a truth that we have to open our arms to, in order to open our hearts, as he did on the Cross in order to embrace all. In so doing we open ourselves to his mercy and are filled with the power of the Spirit and so much more than we can ever give and yet are inspired to try.

 To be saved is the most wonderful, indescribable gift of love. To be found, to be loved, to be care for, to be held by God means we need no more than this.

 When we find God we know we are safe, we know that we are saved and that we can never be truly alone or separated, even from those who have died, because we are all held and united in the wonder  and the power of that love and all things are possible and miracles occur. No one is excluded, everyone is given this gift; for it is the gift of Life itself.