The Power That Flows From The Cross



Excerpt from Living in the Heart of Love:

WHAT IS THE POWER which flows from the Cross? Why, it is surely and paradoxically peace. When all is agony within and without you, you must look to a deeper connection with yourself and God.

You seek that which is truly not of the world and which Jesus Himself promised to give. Peace comes flowing in beyond expectation, hope and imagination. It fills the spaces within and around you or simply floats with you, watching, waiting, gently hovering like a bird.

The Spirit brings peace and the Spirit could only be released into the world to touch each one of us through the pain and seeming destruction of the Cross. This is the paradox of love; the peace that touches and lives with you through even the most tremendous suffering.

It does not take away the pain and yet somehow it lifts and consoles and speaks of healing, hope, comfort, a way.

It brings Mercy to the fore, for who would not tenderly, mercifully, gently love the most agonised, afflicted people, somehow giving them the strength to be in the most unimaginable torment, other than God Himself, who knows pain and torment intimately and still reaches out in a bond of communion and shared intimate knowledge, to sustain and comfort, with His Peace, most definitely beyond all understanding.