The Point of Power


THE HEART OF LOVE is no more powerfully visibly seen and experienced, than at the centre of Christ's passion on the cross.

This is the moment when the Father holds His beloved Son, enabling the Spirit to be released into the world for all time, a Power and inspiration uncontainable and indescribable.

It is from this point of power that the font of all Mercy is born and ever flowing in an absolute outpouring of love and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are released into the world.

You may not see the Father, nor the invisible power of the Spirit at work in such a seemingly bleak and terrible place, yet it is the place where life is reborn and hope of all healing is made possible.

The freeing of the Spirit is the utter fulfillment of God's promise and enables us to experience the fullness of God's love, through immersing ourselves in the awesome wonder of the Trinity.

It is here that the Father holds the Son and the Son with the Father frees the Spirit. The Spirit can then work through us and in us in a way not possible before Jesus’ Passion on the Cross.