The Immensity of the Gift of the Son


IT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to separate the Father from the Son, it is here within the heart of this relationship, this oneness of being that mercy flows and finds both its origin and its completion.

The immensity of the gift of the Son to the world and the Son’s gift of life to all through the completion of His Passion is a mystery that only can be revealed.

To see the Mercy poured out upon the Cross is to touch with wonder, the love and compassion of the Father and the Son.

The immensity of this Gift, whose meaning was is and ever shall be Mercy, is something to be seen known and experienced by the revelation of God, which is a grace and also a longing that each one of us should enter into and explore this mystery wherein which peace, comfort, strength, healing and wholeness and countless spiritual blessings can be found.

How tenderly the Father loved the Son, how tenderly the Son loved each of us and lifted us into this complete and total love, which has no definition, no words great enough to hold and confirm it, yet which He holds open to us in every moment, hoping that we will hear His invitation and become immersed in His infinite Mercy, which He gifts to us, ever presently.

Excerpt from Living in the Heart of Love