The Holy Way


THE HOLY WAY HAS BEEN revealed to as our own unique path through life, immersed in the Heart of Love. It has come to us out of the bleakest of places, beyond imagining, that has been entered into profoundly and broken open.

It has renewed us as we clung on to love and a desperate hope, not born of any real possibility for change, but a need to believe in goodness, in love, in a universal tenderness and compassion that touches the deepest tragedy, the severest, unquenchable pain, the worst assault of continuing losses, the unexpected cruellest betrayals and weeping still, brings a healing to bear that helps us hold on and move toward love, even when that love is unfelt, unreachable, separated, seemingly lost.

The Holy Way is a path of love then, a path with heart and soul, a path that commits us to keep remembering who we are and who God is.

A path that commits us to see beyond the world and all its torments, disillusions, displacements and see with inner eyes the flow of Spirit, guiding, empowering, enabling, hoping, holding, uplifting, recreating, banishing all evil in its path and helping us tread another step forward, even when no steps are possible.

It is a path of faith. It is a path of light, even in the darkest place for does not God tell us through the Psalms that even in the darkest place that darkness will be to Him as light as day (Psalm 139;12). There is no place that the Light of the World cannot shine and it is in this knowledge that we place our faith as we enter on our Holy Way.

Each person will find their own unique relationship with God, by committing to their own Holy path.

Some may focus more on the Father, others on the Son, still others may be drawn to receiving the gifts and Wisdom that the Holy Spirit brings. Yet in truth they are One; when we focus on this Trinitarian relationship and find the Heart of all Three working as one, and find ourselves in this absolute point of Love never ending, there is no greater power working with us, there is no greater love possible to come to our aid