The Heart of Love, no greater place for healing.


I have suffered intense untreatable severe pain and paralysis for over a quarter of a century. And am profoundly noise sensitive such that any noise will paralyse me and cause indescribable pain and terrible sensations. It also totally blanks my mind so that I do not know what I know anymore.

 As a consequence of this intense daily suffering,I have developed a very aware spiritual connection to the Trinity and particularly to the Cross and been inspired to immerse myself in the Love of the Trinity and have great faith in prayer.

 We see the Heart of Love as the pure love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, all working in unison. There is no greater love than the harmony of love of all three. There is no greater place for healing to arise. When we pray we place people in total confidence in the Heart of Love, in Trust and Faith that they will be Blessed and aided.