Stop, look up!


Without God my life is barren, extreme, bleak and horrendous.

I cannot exist without the truth of God, the energy of love, the brightness of hope to shine in the cracks between moments of tormented agony.
For me hope is a fundamental aspect of living.

It is not some fanciful idea or some achievement yet to manifest, it is the hope in the very essence of being that is utterly radiant, utterly beautiful, utterly whole and complete , brimming with energy that can and will heal the moment, just by coming aware of it and feeling the goodness of it.

Without hope life is grim, desperate, desolate, lacking in vision, lacking in truth, lacking in beauty and there is nothing to console you. It is the antithesis of life and it must be wrong. 

Yet it is where so many people live.

Hope binds us to truth, brings comfort and consolation, blesses the whole world. It lifts us into life itself and renews us when everything else fails.

You can place hope in possessions but that is short lived, you can place hope in status, but that whithers away like the grass, you can place hope in achievement - but it is a constantly moving target.


Where can you place hope then?

Stop. Open your arms and look up. Behold the wonder and infinite promise of this moment. That is where hope lies.