Joy In My Heart


Someone said the other night on the radio that it is not the politicians that make a difference. No, it is the poets, writers and artists, to which I think I would add those of us on the edge too, the suffering, the isolated, the ignored, the forgotten.

Politicians serve to maintain the status quo.

I’ve been thinking about what he said.

How it’s true. It’s the music, not the establishment, that I have learned from. 

Yet is he right?

Sometimes I look around and wonder what if any difference I’ve made all these years.

The he said an extraordinary thing.

We make a difference precisely because we have hope.

Absolutely. Decades of struggle have revealed to me the power and resilience of the human spirit, especially in the face of great adversity. Truth burns in your heart. In my case I have learned a great deal about what love is and that gives my life ultimate meaning and purpose.

So, whether or not any thing actually changes, it won’t stop me.

I will play my guitar, I will paint pictures, I will plant seeds this Spring, humbly, with the deepest possible gratitude and joy in my heart.