I Claim the Healing


The Spirit brings healing on multiple levels; healing of mind, healing of body, healing of emotion, healing of spirit. And when the way ahead feels impossible, when hope is waining, the Spirit brings miracles unexpected, that can save us.

The energy of Love, uplifts us, carries us forward and energises us, empowers us with confidence. Praying in the Power of the Spirit, comforts, strengthens, renews and brings spiritual protection, especially when we pray the Our Father, the prayer of the Son to the Father, reflecting His own greatest need for protection for the path ahead: His Passion and death, which leads on to renewal, Resurrection and Life eternal. 

Therefore let us not be afraid, for when we look with fear, we cannot see clearly the wonder and power of Love that transfigures and transforms everything, bringing new Light, new Hope, New Possibility, where none seemed possible or likely.

How important it is to call upon the Spirit and to claim the healing, to ask for healing, then to open to receive it believing you are worthy, trusting in its possibility, knowing that you are loved and nothing is impossible to God. 

Healing flows unpredictably, wildly and freely with the Holy Spirit. Let us call then in confidence upon the Spirit for gifts of healing to manifest in us and that people may be healed through our prayers.

Let us also trust that the Spirit brings healing and we too can be healed!

I call upon the Holy Spirit 

to come down upon me now,

With the tenderness of the Dove 

and the Power of the Eagle.

I claim the healing now!